Vocational Products

Our products are designed so that they may be created using techniques that are modified for the individuals handicaps. Some such examples are:

Painting is done using sponges and stencils allowing for even the most severe students to successfully contribute towards the making of a product.

The Paper Mache method used for making Piñatas allows for Sensory Integration during the process of applying the paste onto newspaper thus providing daily occupational therapy exercises that are built into the curriculum.

Other products include decoupage trays and tables, gift bags, felt products such as goodie bags, and a range of truck art items such as trays, coasters, notebooks and envelopes. You can view our complete product range on Pinterest

Vocational Shop

In 2005 the vocational product line was launched and some of the products were made available at select stores, while others were prepared on an order basis. We would like to thank Liberty Books, Sam Abbas Design Studio and The Forum in Karachi for having hosted our products without charging us a fee. We hope this encourages others to consider doing the same for us when thinking of carrying out their Social Responsibilities.

In 2013 SCEI opened an in-house Sunflowers gift shop, hosting the entire range of products. Creating these products and vending them on special occasions helps to teach our students responsibility and independence. They also gain a sense of accomplishment each time they complete the tasks set for them. The proceeds from this store help run the vocational center.

We aim to expand our retail outlets as we hope that the profits made will not only pay for expenses incurred but also be a significant income for our artisans.

Community Integration

Older students begin to participate in this program and receive training and support as they prepare to enter adult life. Training may include independent living skills, social interaction and social responsibility opportunities through fieldtrips and special events.