Therapy programs are interwoven into each day at SCEI on a need basis to ensure that the students are aided in being as functional as possible. The students receive extensive therapy from certified therapists who work closely with teachers and parents to ensure therapies are working at best capacity. Each therapy is carried out in a specialized environment on the premises.

Physiotherapy Each child is assessed and evaluated and weekly sessions are allotted based on the need of the student.

Speech Therapy Each child is assessed and a weekly plan is given to the teacher. Sessions are heavily subsidized for those children who require one on one therapy sessions once or twice a week.

Occupational Therapy OT is built into the daily curriculum at each academic level, as a part of ADL activities. It covers everything from toilet training, to self feeding to basic cooking skills. The individual needs of each student are also assessed and additional activities are created depending on what is required.

Building Features

The school building was originally a house and has been modified to suit our student’s needs. The building hosts both ramp and stair access for all depending on their physical abilities. The vocational center and shop are located on the ground floor. The classrooms are located on the first floor along with the physiotherapy room and recreational room. The speech therapy room is located on the second floor. There is an outdoor area used for the students to play and for their physical education program. This ground also hosts our annual sports day.