Community service

SCEI is committed to developing awareness and creating an understanding of the needs of Special Children. We are regularly involved in community service programs. We host in-house events and visit both local and international schools. Our students are encouraged to actively participate in fairs and forums that project them as contributing members of our community.

Cuddle Project

The program is run as a workshop and is held in mainstream schools. An outreach program especially created to teach typical learners about the extent of difficulties faced by our students when carrying out simple routine tasks. The students are made to work in small groups and each individual is given a very basic job to carry out with certain added restraints. For instance some may be given an apparatus that hinders vision and then will be asked to complete a task that heavily requires and eye coordination. Please contact us if you are intersted in hosting a cuddle workshop .


We have hosted several fundraisers to maintain our educational standards and the quality of our programs. SCEI would not be able to function, if it were not for the unconditional support of our anonymous donors.

Several Television channels and newspapers have recognized us for our efforts. We have also been asked to speak at various conferences and forums regarding the rehabilitation of individuals with special needs.

We are extending ourselves to all organizations, assisting in the development of education, health and human services to third world countries. Our organization is the only day school, which provides special education on a 3:1 ratio in Pakistan. We aim to meet all the educational, developmental, and emotional needs of our students and their families. SCEI is now a registered trust as off April 2014.

Art for a Cause

SCEI hosts an annual art exhibition displaying the works prepared by all our students. We encourage the students be as creative as they can be using an array of mediums. Some students work on solo projects whereas others combine their abilities to create something unique and beautiful.

The students are most animated through the process of creating their own works of art and look forward to the exhibition. They take pride in their work and absolutely love the media attention the exhibition attracts!

Some young (typically developed) students belonging to mainstream schools also collaborate with SCEI and donate some of their paintings to add to the exhibition under the ‘Art for a Cause’ banner as the proceeds of all the paintings go into running the school. They also carry our workshops with SCEI as a form of Art Therapy.

Carnival for a Cause

SCEI organizes and runs childrens carnivals where the school hosts a number of fun activities for children to carry out; be it carnival games, art activities, dressing up for the photo-booth or expending energy on bouncy castles. These carnivals are hosted on school grounds as well as off-site venues.

The aim of these carnivals is to fundraise for SCEI while creating a fun and safe environment for young children to explore in. It also enables some of our older students to participate in community integration and social interaction activities by co-hosting some of the booths at such events.

Private parties and corporations are encouraged to book the SCEI carnival team to create a fun environment for their children whilst completing their social responsibilities.

Download the Carnival booking form