Students are academically grouped in the following manner:

Sensorial Track: This track consists of students with severe intellectual disabilities who are taught basic and concrete activities through tactile stimulation.

Montessori Track: Here students follow a modified Montessori curriculum using an array of apparatus including tactile stimuli. At this level, abstract concepts such as letter and sound recognition are implemented. The students are also encouraged to start developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills. There is a heavy focus on basic life skills at this stage and students only progress onto the next track once they have succeeded at completing this essential part of the curriculum.

Pre-School Track: The students continue pre-reading and begin to write letters on this track. Since our school encourages cognitive and social growth over everything else, if the cognitive level of a student is adequate, the student may proceed onto the last track.

Senior Track: The fourth and highest track teaches reading and writing at each individual level through repetition and reinforcement, while a certain general topic is being taught or discussed in class every week.

The IEP (Individual Education Plan) is carried out during class hours.

Each track also includes ADL (Activities of Daily Life) to promote independence to the best of the individual’s abilities.

Regardless of academic ability all students are channeled into the vocational program at adolescence.