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Located in Karachi, Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) provides a platform for the optimal development of children and young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities from all socio-economic sectors of Pakistan.

SCEI was founded to educate, nurture and care for children and youth with the goal of assisting each individual in achieving his or her maximum potential. The institute aims to facilitate independence and improve quality of life for its students in a safe and secure environment so they can lead stimulating lives.


At SCEI we aim to become a nationally recognized organization that improves the lives of individuals with special needs by providing specialized education and training. We believe in being the catalyst for change in social awareness, attitudes, acceptance and integration of these individuals.


All of our students are intellectually challenged to varied degrees as each condition plays out differently for all and can be mild, moderate or severe. SCEI provides special education to children and adolescents with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Epilepsy and neurological disorders; such as Hydrocephalus and birth Anoxia. Thus at SCEI, we create tailor-made curriculums for each student and encourage them to learn to the best of their abilities.

In addition to what is taught in the classrooms our students are also given computer based hands-on lessons. As off 2013 computer tablets (Ipads) have also been introduced to our students, as a learning and therapy tool on a need basis.

The students also have a daily physical education routine and are encouraged to keep the best physical shape that is possible. They are taught a variety of games that are designed to improve gross and fine motor skills. This leads to an annual Sports Day, which the students keenly look forward to as they gain an opportunity to celebrate their progress with their family, teachers and peers.

We also run a bi-weekly music and movement program. This is a fun and therapeutic way to stimulate both cognitive and the physical development. Through these classes we aim at creating an annual drama/concert for the families. As drama and plays encourage language skills and role playing (to an audience) to promote socialization and build self esteem.

Physiotherapy and speech therapy are both readily available in the school as we have our in-house therapists. These facilities are available on a need basis for all those who may benefit from them.

The students are regularly taken on field trips to encourage social interaction and integration.

The vocational center at SCEI was developed out of the need to accommodate our older students as they grew and developed. This center now operates under the ‘Sunflowers’ label. In 2005 the vocational product line was launched and some of the products were made available at select stores, while others were prepared on an order basis. In 2013 SCEI opened an in-house gift shop, hosting the entire range of products. Creating these products and at times vending them on special occasions helps to teach our students responsibility and independence. They also gain a sense of accomplishment each time they complete the tasks set for them. At present the proceeds from the store help run the vocational center.


Saima Haq (Chairperson and Principal) founded Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) in 1996. Since establishment, SCEI has continued to train teachers to work with special children in an academic, developmental and nurturing environment. SCEI has always maintained a 3:1 ratio of students to teachers.

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We are a non-government, non-profit trust. We depend on the support of caring individuals to be able to offer the tailored programs that help our students achieve their highest potential.

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